Verdict Day on Rolf Harris

Verdict Day on Rolf Harris


norman lebrecht

June 19, 2014

The juryretired shortly after noon to consider its verdict.

We may know by nightfall if the Australian musician and entertainer was, or was not, a serial sex offender.


rolf harris

And whether anyone at the BBC covered for him.



  • newyorker says:

    i have been continually annoyed by these kind of posts — not the subject matter, but the ones where you provide 1. No link to your source or story you are referencing, 2. No original information or scoop to call your own and 2. No context or background for the tidbit of news you are feeding forward. I’m not particularly interested in this story and have no position on Rolf, nor am I LOOKING for ways to criticize this blog (which normally gets one banned here – I’ve learned that Slipped Disc cannot handle criticism) But just to point out that without either an original story or a link, this kind of blogging is unhelpful at best or, depending on the information presented, possibly plagiaristic without a citation or link. Happens over and over again. Is this journalism?