Union signs $100 an hour games deal with Microsoft

Union signs $100 an hour games deal with Microsoft


norman lebrecht

June 11, 2014

The American Federation of Musicians, which is at war with some of its own composer members, has reached a new deal with Microsoft. Composers get paid $300 for three hour stints and own no further rights in their work for an extended period.

Doesn’t seem like much of a deal to us. Details here.

austin wintory


  • Tommy says:

    “Doesn’t seem like much of a deal to us”. In what way?

  • Derek Gleeson says:

    There seems to be some mis information being put out, according to industry personal posting on FB:

    “It is especially a win-win if people actually understand what it means, including that Microsoft didn’t sign anything, isn’t planning on becoming a signatory company, has kept open the option to record elsewhere non-union, hasn’t been ratified, and hasn’t been accepted by any other company. Knowing what someone is celebrating is pretty important.”

  • NYMike says:

    It’s not a deal with composers, but with games producer Microsoft. The $300 per 3-hour session applies to musicians recording the tracks. I question the validity of the “industry personal posting on FB” – no doubt an axe-grinding group.

    Norman, your anti-AFM stance grows tiresome. In the USA without a musicians’ union, professional musicians would be driving cabs when not actually playing.

  • E G says:

    Thanks to the musicians union in NYC, musicians are driving cabs when not playing.

    Playing? Who am I kidding. There’s no work in NYC anymore! I wonder who made it intolerable unaffordable to hire musicians in NYC?

  • E G says:

    “…intolerably unafforadble…” Excuse me