Three US airlines reduce cabin allowance

Just when you thought it was getting easier to carry an instrument on board, three airlines – American, United and Delta – have sneaked in new regulations that will require passengers to pay or stow anything above a reduced baggage entitlement.

Next time you fly, the bag sizer at check-in will be smaller and you will be the poorer for it. Why do those bastards keep penalising us?

Read this.

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  • Because the competition in the airline industry is increasing and headline fares have been going down. They’ve got to make enough money to run the airline somewhere.

  • This should have no bearing on instruments as carryon, because they didn’t fit the sizer before, and they don’t fit the sizer now. This mainly affects roll aboard suitcases, most of which are more than 9″ thick before this announcement. Lots of folks carrying 10″ wide suitcases are going to be shopping for a slimmer one.

    There may be some confusion at the airport as the airlines enforce the new sizers, but due to the FAA bill an instrumentalist should not be affected by this at all.

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