This man hates trumpets

We’ve been sent this eloquent, four-minute clip of New York street anger. Was this guy assaulted by a trumpet as a kid? ‘I’m trained classically,’ he claims. Anyone recognise him? He should have a radio show.

trumpet fight

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  • He’s obviously a learned scholar whose eloquent oration comes from a place of inner peace, tranquility and accomplishment. Whence, such wisdom and compassion?

  • It is

    DOUGLAS LEVISON’s background embraces Visual and Graphic Arts – NYU Film Programme / School of Visual Arts, New York / DCTV-NYC / Academy of Art College, San Francisco – including Film, Computer Graphics, Video, Photography and Drawing. Mr. Levison also studied Political Science, History, Sociology, Cinema and Art at the University of California, Berkeley and at Clark University.

  • Well, Norman, I’ve just wasted another four minutes of my life watching this nonsense, expecting the clip to end with a perfect rendition of Haydn’s trumpet concerto, but no, just staged rubbish.

    (Am I alone in thinking that since the recent changes to this site, standards, and relevance to serious music have disappeared faster than the mists around Valhalla?)

    • Your perceptions of the editorial standards and cultural relevance are possibly inaccurate. I don’t see how the site’s relocation could have possibly brought these values any lower.

  • Well clearly he doesn’t hate trumpets, he just has much higher standards for both classical and contemporaneous (?) musical artists than this hack busker! A fraud, I tell you. A disgrace!

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