The pole dancing opera singer

The pole dancing opera singer


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2014

All perfectly decorous. You wonder why she did it.


Marcy Richardson’s her name, if you’re casting an athletic Handel.



  • Anon says:

    Movement and music have long been linked and intertwined. Just because this moment involves a pole shouldn’t prejudice us against it because of other connotations of “pole dancing”. Other than the spinning “point of view” shot from above, the whole is a well-shot video echoing the fluidity and continual, inevitable motion of the music.
    (and more cynically, but no less legitimately, including “pole dancing” in the title is a good way to bring both the music and dance art to people who might not have expected what they watch; and to encourage a little media commentary such as this one.)

  • Mike Schachter says:

    Not for publicity, surely?

  • Bill Dodd says:

    The answer to your question: Because she can!

  • Cindy Sadler says:

    Marcy’s one of a number of opera singers I know who do pole dance for fitness and pleasure. It’s a lot of fun and requires a GREAT deal of upper body strength and general athleticism. (Plus, she’s really good)!

  • Eleanor Whitney Pollack says:

    Why did she do it?

    Because she can. The athleticism and strength involved is mind boggling. It takes a great deal of training and practice to achieve the level of performance you see.

    As for “publicity”? Really? Check Marcy out on utube or her website. She has a repertoire as a secundo and has a beautiful voice. Unfortunately there are far fewer opportunities than there have been because many opera companies have folded in recent years due to lack of funding and support for the arts.

  • Marcy Richardson says:

    A friend of mine sent me this link yesterday, and I am so excited this was posted! I have lent my voice to a few pole dance and aerial pieces, and think the combination of pole and classical music is a beautiful one. Pole dancing is as much an artistic and creative outlet for me as it is a form of fitness, which is why I love making videos and entering pole fitness competitions. They are not unlike a gymnastics or figure skating competition in that you are judged on difficulty, execution, and artistic merit. I am entering my third pole competition this August and will be dancing to classical music.

    I have been studying pole for almost 4 years, and spend anywhere from 10-15 hours a week taking pole class, conditioning, and training. I do it because I love it! Pole has helped me to become the strongest I have ever been in both body and mind. It is a huge part of my life and is not something you can just pick up quickly, unless you aren’t doing so many aerial tricks I suppose. It takes a lot of time and dedication to develop and maintain the strength, flexibility and technique required to invert and be in the air. It is my biggest passion outside of singing.

    I hope to keep exposing my friends in the classical music community to pole and circus arts, and to keep bringing classical music to the pole and aerial community as well. My parents and extended family have a much different view of pole dancing than when I first started, and now see it as a respected sport and art form. I am thrilled to be opening people’s minds to the sport and art of pole dance, and love that it allows me to blend my passions seamlessly and create!