The Luis Suarez of classical music?

The Luis Suarez of classical music?


norman lebrecht

June 26, 2014

We’ve heard of opera tenors with Dracula tendencies.

There springs to  mind an early music conductor of unpredictable temperament who has been known to speak with his fists.

Back in the day, there was Carlo Gesualdo, prince of Venosa, who was widowed in unusual circumstances.

There is an Australian company called Opera Bites, but we’re sure they don’t mean it.

Any other candidates?



  • John says:

    Well there was a director who worked at ENO in the Powerhouse days who was notorious for going on stage and kicking his performers in rehearsals…

  • Dave says:


  • Mikko says:

    Not opera, but Alex Kingston admitted on Graham Norton’s show biting a male actor on stage, when he kissed her with much too much tongue. She said she’d told him off several times before, and when that didn’t work, she used her teeth. Apparently the guy needed stitches in his tongue and was on a liquid diet for a while.