The Collected Lebrecht is called ‘Conduct Unbecoming’

The Collected Lebrecht is called ‘Conduct Unbecoming’


norman lebrecht

June 02, 2014

Those friendly folk at Standpoint magazine added up the essays and columns I had written for them these past four years and decided they had enough for an e-book. Then they asked for an introduction, a kind of Weltanschauung as to where music is heading in mass media.

That was easy.

It begins:

In the summer of 2009, I gave up on newspaper journalism. The immediate cause was the fire sale of the paper on which I was Assistant Editor to a Russian KGB man, an early beneficiary of the Putin kleptocracy. Without lingering to judge the new owner, I had no trouble deciding that print journalism had shed most of its values, as well its readers, in a spiral of self-destruction that some regarded as a perfect firestorm.

A frantic pursuit of reluctant new readers in a video-led society had bred an ethics-free appetite for sensation and a strenuous justification of the unjustifiable. The day I found myself defending our front-page picture of a businesswoman leaping to her death from the upper floors of a London hotel was the day I realised how far my vocation had fallen from its once-lofty self-perception. 

I’m afraid you’ll have to download the book if you want to read more. It costs £2.99. Click here.

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