Sad news: Boston mourns beloved Harry

Harry Shapiro, the Boston Symphony horn player who became a brilliant personnel manager, has died aged 100.

harry shapiro

Dianne Winsor, principal flute in Valladolid, writes: ‘He was an impeccable figure of authority during my student years in Boston & at Twood, supervising all BSO hiring, auditions, rehearsal arrangements.

He had a stern demeanor – his black patent leather hair glistening as he watched over the orch. But he was a kind & fair man & is, to this day, my ideal of all that a fine orch. personnel manager should be. Rest In Peace, dear Mr. Shapiro.’

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  • Harry was amazing!–old school–none of this new fangled, 20-30something crowd with selfies, and self promotion, narcopathic nonsense. This horn player was no joke. Outstanding hn section, they played with gusto, personality–NOT robotic mechanised boring playing as is today in america

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