Rare defeat for Steinway in the Arthur Rubinstein finals

The man himself played a Hamburg Steinway, but at last night’s somewhat contentious finals in Israel five of the six finalists (we hear) chose Faziolis from Italy.

The earth may be about to move.


Arthur Rubinstein playing Steinway piano keyboard in front of audience in 1947 film 'Carnegie Hall'

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  • The remark is made probably not by a pianist.
    Fazioli in the competition had a v loud crisp sound versus the Steinway with a rounder sound.
    If you play in the finals big Russian concertos what will you prefer?
    If you are a musician you choose a piano that helps you bring the character of the music .So for loud crisp music a loud instrument.

    Never generalize about pianos just to create an unfair statement!

    • I agree. The reason they chose Fazioli is because they wanted a very extroverted sound, being compared to each other. Steinway has a deeper, rounder sound.

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