New York’s washed up piano has become a video star

Everyone’s taking a bypass to see the concert grand that has been washed up near the Brooklyn Bridge.

It has been there now for all of a week and every network news channel has had a gawk at it.

In any European city, the authorities would have removed it and a sentimental philanthropist might have paid to restore it for some public benefice. But New York is New York. What gets washed up there just stays. Forever. Whatever.

 washed up piano2

Wonder who once owned it.

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  • I was down there yesterday to look at it. A steady stream of people wandering down to take photos in a forlorn area where the mafia used to dump their victims (perhaps they still do). It’ll probably be there in six months from now.

  • Alas I sort of think the instrument is beyond hope. It’ll make people happy though if it stays in that spot for a while.

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