Helsinki, best place to live?

Helsinki, best place to live?


norman lebrecht

June 17, 2014

The Finnish capital was yesterday ranked fifth in Monocle magazine’s annual table of the world’s best places to live. It came behind Copenhagen, Tokyo, Melbourne and Stockholm; and ahead of Vienna, Zurich and Munich.

Today, in the middle of June, it is snowing heavily in southern Finland (according to local reports).

Change those rankings?

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  • Juha says:

    Sorry to spoil a good story, but it isn’t exactly snowing here, even if it is uncharacteristically cold, about 10 C at the moment…

  • Mikko says:

    The boring facts here:

    There was no snow in Helsinki on the 17th, but the temperature dipped below +5 C around noon and then returned to about +10 C for the afternoon and evening. There were hailstorms across Southern Finland and snowfall in many places further north. I got caught in a freezing hailstorm at a Tampere railway station platform myself, about 160 km from Helsinki.

    The Finnish Meteorological Institute measured the lowest temperature for this June, -6.2 C, today in Kilpisjärvi in Northern Lapland. The official all-time lowest in June was -7.0 C in Inari on June 3rd in 1962. Today was within one degree of the June record, but 15 days later in the month. In other words, it was fricking cold.