Haka! Orchestra tunes up rugby style (exclusive new video)

Haka! Orchestra tunes up rugby style (exclusive new video)


norman lebrecht

June 26, 2014

This is the Halle Orchestra in Manchester yesterday. They used to love cricket and soccer but, after recent international setbacks, are in the process of changing their sporting allegiance.

Watch. Whatever you do, do not try this at home.

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  • Matt says:

    Absolutely perfect that the conductor is Jamie Phillips, a very well known Welsh Rugby Star….

  • Jon says:

    What does classical music have to do with rugby? Civilization with savagery? Has the boorishness and violence of this world become so largely inflated that is must be allowed to expand even into the concert hall?
    There is absolutely no concept or semi-intelligent idea behind this exercise and the orchestra looks like herd of cattle forced to move apathetically from left to right, following that screaming man. No-one knows why he is screaming in a concert hall. Is that supposed to be an “artistic” expression?
    Why don’t they have a guy take a dump on stage and call that artistic expression also?
    I am happy that I am not a member of this orchestra. I was embarrassed merely watching this moronic display of primitive yelping and barking as it runs against everything an orchestra should stand for… beauty, delicacy, artistry, sophistication and plenty more…

    • Gerhard says:

      Since no further information is given, I have no idea what kind of a show this was. But as one can conclude easily from the orchestra’s attire, this was for sure no formal symphony concert. I do not believe that it betrays an orchestra’s vocation if not each and every one of its appearances bears the same hallmark of stuffy solemnity that some people seem to believe being a necessary prerequisite of classical music.

    • Max Grimm says:

      The clip shows part of a “Come and Play with the Hallé” performance. These concerts are especially geared toward children. More information can be found here:


      And although I do not have any children, it has been my observation that children usually respond more to “primitive yelping and barking” than to “beauty, delicacy, artistry, sophistication and plenty more…”

  • Immanuel Kanyt says:

    Looks like an ordinary attenion whore to me.