How low can Game of Thrones go?

How low can Game of Thrones go?


norman lebrecht

June 18, 2014

Message from Andrew Bove:

I gathered together 23 of the top studio and orchestral low brass musicians in New York, and we recorded this YouTube video for fun, and for fans of the HBO show Game of Thrones to enjoy.


This is obviously an extremely powerful ensemble. (11 Bass Trombones, 6 Contrabass Trombones, 6 Tenor Trombones, 6 Tubas, and 3 Cimbassos)  It’s also evidently intriguing people beyond the usual classical music “low brass folks.”The video was released on Friday, and already has 170,000 views.

It’s fun to see “non musicians” excited about Cimbassos and Contrabass Trombones. As you know, Low Brass are never in the mainstream media (or even in classical music media for that matter).


He has a point. Watch. Listen. The music is by Ramin Djawadi.



  • Sixtus says:

    What? No serpents? No ophicleides? No Wagner tubas? All would have been appropriate in many ways.

  • drew hemenger says:

    Fabulous! And sooo much better than the cheesy, half-synth original. They really should use this version. Can’t believe how much they spent on production but skimped on music – then again, that is often the case….
    God, I love low brass. I need to write something soon!

  • Eric says:

    Oh yeah!! REAL heavy metal for sure!!

  • george says:

    Wow, thank you, That’s the coolest thing I have ever heard!