End of free Youtube?

End of free Youtube?


norman lebrecht

June 18, 2014

The Google-owned video central is about to launch a paid-for subscription service.

It is also threatening to clear out music videos and artists from independent labels which have refused to buckle to its tough terms.

The future?

No pay, no Youtube.




  • Rosana Martins says:

    Terrible news! I love you tube!

  • Dan P. says:

    It’s a shame everything has to be monetized in our culture. The US is about to provide the bulk of the internet bandwidth to those willing and able to pay fees, and now YouTube is now being held for ransom as well. The one thing our lords and masters abhor is a level playing field where everyone can participate equally. And as to their high-handed view of content providers, this just goes along with the territory. Personally, I would see nothing wrong about clearing up server space by deleting all the “cute” dog and cat videos, the innumerable children’s recital videos of the Khatchaturian Toccata and similar ephemera past its shelf life. But, in reality, deciding who may and may not participate in You Tube transforms what was one of our best global villages into a gated community. This just goes to prove once more that the pursuit of money eventually destroys everything.

  • fred says:

    1. they are partly right is doing so
    2. a small contribution is not the end of the world
    3. Let them first clear up all breachments of copyright, there is a tsunami of copyright infringements by users uploading official recordings, this has partly been the reason why cd’s and vd’s are disappearing, as u can get them for free on youtube and artists lose their income.