Does the Met have money to burn?

Latest campaign poster from the opera musicians.


met anti-ad

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  • Are you sure the times ad was not paid by the board. The continual Met bashing and Peter Gelb bashing can not possibly due any of the parties any good, in my uninformed view.

    • While I fully agree about your point on continual MET and Gelb bashing, I still don’t understand why a paid ad in the NYT is money well spent. Even if board members paid directly, was that their best way to support the MET?

  • I suppose the Met board thinks that the Times statement helps to put their view to the readers of the times and it also underscores the fact that Mr Gelb is not a ‘loose cannon’ acting without their full knowledge and support. As all parties are aware of the hurtful consequences of a strike we can only hope a fair resolution will be found.

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