Cecilia Bartoli cancels debut, city cancels show

Cecilia Bartoli cancels debut, city cancels show


norman lebrecht

June 26, 2014

The most reliable of mezzos has pulled out of L’Italiana in Algeri, which was to have opened tomorrow in Dortmund. Hearing that she was sick, Dortmund cancelled the opera.

Bene­dikt Stampa, of Konzer­thaus Dortmund, said, ‘This morn­ing Cecilia called me: She has fallen ill and is incon­sol­able that she won’t be able to sing.’ Performances were to have been held on Friday 27th and Sunday 29th.




  • Elvira Silverman says:

    If I remember well Bartoli has a reputation of canceling concerts .We got our money back in Viena too.
    Bartoli cancelled the recital in the last moment.
    What a disappointment !

  • Gerhard says:

    What gives you the idea that the City of Dortmund, which as a commune is a political entity, had anything to do with the cancellation of this performance?

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Reliable? I failed to see her quite a few times in the late 90’s she didn’t like flying apparently!

    • Martha says:

      For us regular human beings, having a cold or the flu is something that happens. We take some medicine, perhaps stay at home a day or two. But for a professional singer, with such a fenomenal international reputation, being sick and having something “on the voice” that does not belong there, is a major problem. I can see the headlines the next morning, announcing the end of the singer’s career, that “she has passed her best days” and “the voice is not what it used to be” Who would like to risk that? I certainly would not! It is not good to talk in terms of entitlement when you have purchased tickets to hear an artist who cancels. If she does, it’s because she feels she cannot guarantee to present you with the best she is able to. It is a mistake to judge an artist harshly for that.

    • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

      Elizabeth, I agree with Martha’s response, so I do not have to repeat things. In addition, Cecilia Bartoli does indeed not like flying around all the time – airplanes happen to be excellent environments to catch airborne infections. She is a responsible artist taking care of her voice and herself. Which makes each performance of her so very special. I am sure she will find another date and time to come to Dortmund and sing.