Cancer battle cellist appeals for public donations

Cancer battle cellist appeals for public donations


norman lebrecht

June 01, 2014

Zoe Keating, the Twitter-star cellist, put her playing career on hold to help her husband who has been diagnosed with cancer in California. Her first battle was with the insurers, who refused to pay for Jeff’s treatment until Zoe went on social media and whipped up a storm.

Now she faces the grim reality that she, the family’s breadwinner, will be silenced for a while.

Zoe has posted the following appeal on her website:

As you might have heard, my husband was diagnosed with stage IV cancer on May 15th. I’ve put everything about my music career – new album, new tour dates – on hold for now.

I support my family 100% with my music and I’ve always been proud of that. But now is not the time for my pride to get in the way. We need help. So for those of you who feel inspired to help us get through this awful time, here is a donation button. I thank you with the deepest possible thanks.

We urge sympathetic readers to respond by clicking the website tag above.

Zoe has 1.2 million Twitter followers and 38,000 Facebook fans.


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