Bryn Terfel’s next role: it’s a fiddle…

Bryn Terfel’s next role: it’s a fiddle…


norman lebrecht

June 22, 2014

He’s singing Tevye at Grange Park Opera next summer. Believe that?








  • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

    Why not? He will sing in a production that is not Lepage’s and Gelb’s horrid RING machine. That is a huge benefit for both singer and audience. Although the one to sing “If I were a rich man” would have to be Peter Gelb. But we can’t have musicals, or, heaven forbid, potentially conflict provoking operas at the MET and simulcast them, so he will continue to have trouble finding enough money (let alone save some). I wish Terfel lots of fun as Tevje!

  • Una says:

    He has a lovely voice, and he will sing this VERY well instead of ‘barking’ his way through Wotan!

  • Yi-Peng Li says:

    I’ve had a thought about this. With opera companies in dire straits, I’m wondering if opera companies need to rebrand themselves as music theatre companies in order to survive (financially) and to bring in the audiences. They might be obliged to include all kinds of music theatre, including opera, musicals, operetta, zarazuelas and even megamusical/pop-operas. I know that branching out into musicals might help improve their finances and I know that people might be against opera companies including musicals in their seasons. However, it might be good if there were performing companies that could embrace all forms of music theatre there is some alignment between opera and music theatre.