Brussels confirms sacking of ‘homophobic’ soprano

We have received confirmation from the intendant of la Monnaie that the company will not employ the Georgian soprano who is accused of uttering homophobic insults.


tamar iveri


Dear Mr Lebrecht, I can confirm that la Monnaie will not be welcoming Mrs Iveri for the performances of ballo in maschera for which she had been planned in may 2015. I wish to stay loyal to my very intimate conviction that we cannot tolerate intolerance, of whatever kind. I feel this is a very honest reaction to a quite alarming kind of positioning which cannot be allowed in our theaters where harmony and striving for a true community experience remain our main mission. best wishes Peter de Caluwe

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  • Cannot tolerate intolerance… So they discriminate based on perceived opinions and everyone applauds. Priceless.

    • What is priceless is Mrs. Iveri’s naiveté. If you’re in the international spotlight or work for someone who is, you should know that your actions and opinions are constantly scrutinized by different groups and people. And if you hold controversial views (to put it mildly) that might cause damage to the reputation (or finances) of a business or institution, “perceived opinion” or not, you will not be retained.
      And this incident isn’t the only one in which Mrs. Iveri has voiced some very nasty views about certain groups. So while her husband may have written the words she is being condemned for now, in the past she herself has expressed quite similar views unabashedly.

  • Opera Australia has just confirmed that she has been released from her contract; the only right decision.

  • “Perceived opinions,” Olaugh Turchev?! She has been so clear and outspoken that one would have to be blind and deaf NOT to perceive her opinions. I am happy to see that most opera-loving people *don’t* approve of the opinion that it is good and worthy to do violence to anyone who is gay. How anyone at all could approve of that is beyond me, and I am okay with people not wanting to hire her and so be associated with her pernicious views.

    • No she is not. She is suffering the consequences of her being vacuous and obtuse. There are successful conductors, soloists, singers, instrumentalists throughout the entire world who dislike homosexuality for whatever reasons. Some have publicly stated their views as well and weren’t sacked as a result. It’s the way Mrs. Iveri stated her opinions that is absolutely unacceptable.

      • “Some have publicly stated their views as well and weren’t sacked as a result.”
        Really, could you mention a few names and links?

          • Lame answer… We are here very specifically talking of classical musicians and you simply skirt the issue because you have no proof of what you advance. Bottomline, this issue is becoming one of the new totalitarisms that anyone has to deal with: hiding behind the word “tolerance” is the thought police.

    • The problem with Mrs Iveris statements is not her thoughts or dislike of gays (she would deny that, anyway) but that she made in her facebook entry a request for public physical violence against people in a peaceful demonstration in a very clear way. That was no statement, but a threat and encouragement for physical attacs. It was horrible for me to read that a singer, who reperesents in her work and with her image beauty, harmony and civilsation and is very much aware about the fragility of the human body and face encourages the breaking of jaws of other people.

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