Aussie pianist wins big in Montreal

Jayson Gillham, 27, has taken first prize at the Montreal International Music Competition with a finals performance of the Beethoven G major concerto.


jayson gillham

l-to-r: Annika Treutler (3rd), Gillham, Charles Richard-Hamelin (2nd)

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    • I am watching his performance in the preliminary round of the 2015 Chopin competition & the same question also arose in my mind.

  • The only clue I could find was a comment on Youtube which asked, “Do you find it inconvenient to be a pianist named ”Hamelin”? It sounds like the writer believes the two are not related.

  • He is a nephew of Marc-André Hamelin – See M-A H’s website. Now two great pianists called Hamelin – double lucky.

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