Artists hotel shuts down in Vienna

Nicolas Altstaedt reports:

..just got to know that my beloved Schubertringhotel I have been staying for years has been closed. A little bit of Vienna dies in my heart, leaving lots of memories behind. I will miss the labyrinth of floors, the smell of the curtains and the very special hospitality of the staff knowing each of their artists coming back..

hotel am schubertring   hotel am schubertring2

If you stayed there and liked it, share a memory below.

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  • The closure of the Hotel am Schubertring is not just a great loss to innumerable artists who were delighted to be accommodated on the Ring at affordable prices and within easy walking distance of the Konzerthaus, the Musikverein and the State Opera, but to agents as well.

  • Sad to see it go – I stayed there for a week a few years ago. Ideally situated for both Musikverein and Konzerthaus and less than 10 minutes to the Staatsoper. The decor was a bit faded but the room was more than adequate and service excellent – as always in Vienna the breakfasts were to die for! I think it was 2 or 3 buildings that at different times had been knocked into one, hence the labyrinth referred to above. Considering its absolutely prime location in Vienna it was very affordable and I would have happily returned. Sad to see it go but sign of the times I’m afraid.

  • I have been staying at this hotel since 1996. I was utterly shocked to hear it closed down. It had the design and style of about 1981, but was home in Vienna to me and many colleagues from the business for several visits a year. The personnel were wonderfully friendly and helpful, and the location absolutely brilliant (Schwarzenbergplatz). I met many artists staying there over the years and heard much practising on the one long circular corridor ….

    Does anyone know why it closed?

  • This is so sad indeed! I bet, the building will become an apartment-complex for immensly wealthy Russians….. For approximately 30 years I accommodated most of my artists and colleagues at Hotel am Schubertring – no complains ever.

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