Another sell-out on London’s South Bank

Another sell-out on London’s South Bank


norman lebrecht

June 06, 2014


south bank shell

This is the unsightly new Shell Centre, approved this morning by the an-aesthetic Tory Government as the new face of London’s South Bank, close to the concert halls and National Theatre.

Ugly? Not even. It’s just another characterless development that could be anywhere in the world (the developers are from Qatar).

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, had the sense and good taste to kill off  the latest anodyne development plan for the South Bank Centre culture area. He needs to get stuck in and stop this defacement of a riverfront stretch of national and world heritage.

Boris, are you reading me?



  • Ziggy says:

    Who, in heaven’s name are the architects?? That’s so unimaginative, and for such a site..

  • Halldor says:

    Looks no worse than the other utterly mediocre commercial architecture which – with the exception of the South Bank complex – lines that side of the Thames. Disappointing, but it’s hardly a major blot on a townscape that’s already of such low quality.