Andrade defence lawyer claims she’s too scared to ride a bus

Andrade defence lawyer claims she’s too scared to ride a bus


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June 20, 2014

Kate Blackwell QC, who conducted a brutal cross-examination of the violinist Frances Andrade in the rape case against Chetham’s music director Mike Brewer, entered a curious defence when she was stopped for speeding.

Ms Blackwell, 44, said she could not afford to lose her driving license as she feared for her life if she took a bus after the vilification she attracted for defending Mike Brewer.

Brewer was jailed for six years for sexual assault. Andrade, at the end of her cross-examination by Blackwell, committed suicide.

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The court in Buxton was unimpressed by Ms Blackwell. She was fined £650 and banned from driving for six months. The ban was later suspended, pending appeal.

Do not approach her if you happen to see her on a bus.

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  • Phil says:

    hmm even if true, it seems pretty scummy to use Frances Andrade’s memory as a means to wriggle out of a ban (or was she more bothered about the money, being a lawyer and all). The oft-repeated mantra of lawyers, ‘just doing my job’ loses another notch of credibility, as here we get a fine example of their ethics and pragmatism in action.

  • Fiona MacDonald says:

    This woman may not wish to use public transport, but there are alternatives to driving herself. I’m surprised that a barrister would’t know of the existence of an alternative means of transport. It’s a called a taxi.