A message from Claudio Abbado’s family

A message from Claudio Abbado’s family


norman lebrecht

June 25, 2014

The maestro would have been 81 tomorrow. His family have posted this message:

abbado message

Thanks to all people, friends of Claudio and all musicians who are thinking of him.

Thanks to all who have supported his projects for prisoners and the child cancer hospital in Bologna.

Thanks to the many towns that uphold the memory of Claudio.

Daniele, Aexandra, Sebatian, Misha, Tommaso, Luigi, Francesca





  • Andrea says:

    the name of the first son is DANIELE

    • Ella says:

      There is nothing wrong with the spelling. Daniel in Italian is ‘Daniele’ for a guy and ‘Daniela’ for a girl.

  • Martha says:

    Nice message from the family, reminding us of humanitarian aspects of Claudio Abbado that were less known by those who admired him as an artist.
    PS: Please note that the names in the signature appear incorrect in the translation.