Young Germans in underpants

Young Germans in underpants


norman lebrecht

May 16, 2014

german youth ballet

You can watch the National Youth Orchestra of Germany and the German National Youth Ballet for free on the Berlin Philharmonic site. But they do require registration and may bombard you with offers. Click here. 


  • Nick says:

    I can’t imagine why underpants should be headline-worthy! Not like the early 1970s when the Nederlands Dans Theater brought the first nude ballet to London’s Sadler’s Wells. At the performance I attended the curtains closed and the show had to be stopped after a few minutes. Eventually an official came out front to announce that someone had thrown itching powder from the balcony, and the stage – and presumably the dancers – had to be cleaned. The entire short production was hardly noteworthy. I admit, though, that Sir Robert Helpmann’s comment did come to mind: “The problem with dancing in the nude is that not everything stops when the music does!”