Still singing on his 90th birthday

The most famous Armenian in history turned 90 yesterday and is not ready to give up the stage.

Charles Aznavour is singing in Berlin this weekend. In the rain. Wherever. Whatever. On tour.

What a trouper.


For the record, he was bor in Paris 90 years ago as Shahnour Varinag Aznavourian to a pair of Armenian refugees, one of whom was a survivor of the 1915 Turkish genocide. Never to be forgotten. Perhaps that explains the singer’s persistence.

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  • Thanks. We are often told that with age, the voice suffers.
    I don’t agree as every voice is different. I am a self-taught amateur tenor—-I have not lost hope

  • I had the misfortune to see him in Yerevan last week. it was a concert in honour of Hollande who was on a state visit to Armenia. Embarrassingly awful. Why do artistes think that they can go on for ever?

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