Mahler’s toughest test

If you think you know Mahler, try this. Strictly for the nerds.


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  • That was… wait for it… too easy! It was almost entirely beginnings of movements! (Not to mention he didn’t always name the symphony, movement AND section…) I wish someone would film themselves totally nailing a similar Haydn symphony quiz… Now, that would be legendary.

  • I would hope that H.C. Robbins-Landon would have been able to “nail” a similar Haydn-symphony quiz. He was the only person to have single-handedly edited the entire corpus for a modern critical edition. Unfortunately the latest available printings of the mini-score edition (printed in Japan) are shorn of HCRL’s often illuminating critical reports. And the online versions of these scores available at suffer from that site’s reluctance to post critical reports (for copyright reasons, I’m told).

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