Just in: Minnesota Orchestra names new boss

Just in: Minnesota Orchestra names new boss


norman lebrecht

May 22, 2014

Kevin Smith, former head of Minnesota Opera, will step in as interim president when Michael Henson clears out in the summer. The post is short-term while the orch searches for a permanent leader. Smith headed the Minn Opera for 25 years, retiring in 2011. He’ll know most of the local donors and enough of the musicians to keep the ship on an even keel until the long, hard work of rebuilding can begin.

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  • cesare civetta says:

    you’d think after what they went through that they’d become a self governing orchestra.

  • Amy says:

    quite a bit easier said than done, Cesare. In fact, the musicians (while locked out) were self-governed: they performed out-reach concerts for the community, produced excellent, highly praised and sold-out concerts with wonderful guest artists.
    If the MOA board of directors is open to the idea of governance reform, then perhaps there is hope for a better future than the one envisioned by Michael Henson.