Believe it: a composer makes a TV ad

It’s Esa-Pekka Salonen and he’s selling i-Pads. But the ad is so ultra-cool and so close to musical process that it does almost as much to promote serious music as it does to sell gizmos. Watch.

esa-pekka i-pad




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  • Good advertisement. (good app too)..
    Classical music doesn’t always have to dumbed down to capture peoples’

  • Nicely done, with a little bit of help from his friend (and the dedicatee of EPS’ Violin Concerto) Leila Josefowicz.

  • The ad show Salonen composing his 2009 violin concerto with two iPad programs, “Piano Pro” and “Notion.” Both programs were created after 2009.

    • Which, if true, would be unacceptable in a documentary, but in a commercial advertisement should not be an issue.

  • Seriously the IPAD is not a solution. I use my phone to whisper the melodies I listen on my head, but after tried Notion and the IPAD, I found myself working in Sibelius and on my piano. For the moment the apps available for music on the IPAD are not a solution neither a proffesional tool. Unless you do not know how to work seriously with Sibelius or Finale (I’d rather prefer Sibelius).

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