Amira’s no threat yet to heart-tugging Jackie Evancho

The week’s US sales are in on Nielsen Soundscan and all of Sony’s marketing men could not push Dutch child-star Amira Willighagen to number one.

Amira’s release sold all of 410 copies, beaten to the top spot by a live recording of West Side Story from the San Francisco Symphony.

Meanwhile, Jackie Evancho was making tears flow on Memorial Day. She’s feeling no pressure.


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  • Mr Lebrecht..Thanks always for these reports… Out of curiosity, how many discs actually sell anymore? In the US, what usually does a number 1 Classical CD sell? In the UK? don’t know if they ever publicly report that number, but you seem to have inside information…

      • Is 500 the number for the US??? Do classical discs sell more in the UK????
        Does Soundscan report the Uk and international numbers too??? It’s very shocking that the sales figures are so low…Is this the future for classical cd’s??? Basically none buys them??

  • All of Sony’s marketing men must have been on holiday because I certainly didn’t see any notice that the CD was available. I’m not interested, but I usually see such notices or advertisements. Was she in the US?

    • I have now looked – the CD is $18! With 30 minutes of music! What sort of CD is this?

      No wonder no one purchased.

  • At 9, Amira is not ready for a major recording contract. Neither was Jackie, AT NINE.
    However, at 10, Jackie was a phenom, at 11, she was one of the best voices in the world. The rest is history.
    Amira might be as great some day, but not now.

  • Wonder why musicalite dot com quickly came up with the headline “Amira Willighagen – Better than Jackie Evancho” soon after Amira won HOLLAND’S GOT TALENT? Any comparison of the two singing one of their songs in common kinda leaves Amira in the dust.
    Angelic Jackie with her angelic voice has sold millions of CDs … I wonder how many of her debut album Amira’s sold? [Connie Talbot’s first RAINBOW album got certified gold]

  • Norman, I bet you feel like a fool now that in just 3 years, Amira Willighagen has far surpassed Jackie Evancho’s vocal abilities. Jackie has a nice voice Amira Willighagen has a spectacularly beautiful voice, Jackie just can’t keep up with Amira anymore.

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