Theft alert: a principal flute loses his instrument

Theft alert: a principal flute loses his instrument


norman lebrecht

April 05, 2014

We have been asked to post a cry for help from Eyal Ein-Habar, principal flute of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. His flute was in a black bag on a flight from Chapel Hill to Philadelphia on April 4th and was taken, perhaps by mistake, by another passenger.

The instrument is a 19.5k Powell flute. Serial no. 13176.

Eyal is distraught. Please help him find it by sharing this information.

eyal ein-habar

UPDATE: No sign yet of the missing flute. Eyal has given some more details here.


  • vlad says:

    For more correctness,the flight was from RALEIGH/ DURHAM Intl.airport to Philadelphia. Flight US 2073

  • D.E. Frydrychowski says:

    Talk about flauting misfortune…

  • I’ve Shared this Story as follows:

    Is this One of The Nightmare Scenarios that I’ve been talking about for YEARS? See 4/5/14 Post and Comment on

  • LarryW says:

    I heard the IPO in Houston just ten days ago. One of the many wonderful things that struck me was the range of colors and beauty of sound produced by Eyal Ein-Habar. His flute is an extension of his body and soul. May it be returned soon.

  • dan says:

    Wow, shocking news. Thanks for sharing, and let’s hope it will help.

  • Thanks Norman for continuing to get the word out about these. We always share them via FB & Twitter. Online communities are the best thing going for getting instruments back. That’s why we started GearTrack – a free searchable db of stolen and legitimately owned gear.

    Thanks for continuing to advocate for victims of theft!

  • Barbarona says:

    Was it taken from on board, or from baggage claim? It isn’t clear. If on board, the airline surely knows all the possible suspects.