Exclusive: The choir who came in from the cold (for Joyce DiDonato)

The diva was in  Princeton last week when she heard there was a choir outside, waiting in bitter cold to sing to her. So she asked them in, picked up the camera and filmed her visitors, tears of gratitude streaking her cheeks. Here’s the video she’s sent us and (below) the reason she cried.

What a beautiful, surprising, lovely gesture from the gorgeous choir members of Westminster Choir College. They waited (out in the cold!) after my recital in Princeton to “thank me” in song. I cannot describe how touching it was to see these beautiful faces singing in such a heartfelt manner.

The funny thing? This was me, xx years ago … I was the one tearing up at the power of song and the immense connection that occurred singing in a choir with my dearest of friends. I am so uplifted and hopeful seeing how this tradition continues.

Thank you so much for your gorgeous gift!!



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  • For those who have chosen a life in music, sometimes the daily struggles, sacrifices and hard work can lead us to forget why we chose this path in the first place. But then, thankfully, there are moments like this – so simple, pure and heartfelt – when we immediately remember, “Oh, yeah, that’s why.”

  • A beautiful and moving tribute to a truly wonderful singer and lady – a blessing for us a.. Thank you, Joyce for sharing with us. Such a generous and loving spirit!

  • I’m a 2004 Westminster alumni and singing or hearing this arrangement always me teary, especially as it reminds me of the morning of Sept 11, 2001 when the entire school gathered to sing it together while the shock of the day was still setting in. So proud to have the Lutkin as our school song. 🙂

  • When one can reach the heart and be thanked in this wonderful equal way, then the world has become a better place to live in.

  • This is such a beautiful thing- And I’m sure their hearts were full having just heard Joyce! I sang in my hometown a few months ago, and the choir from my high school sang this same song to me afterwards!! It’s a tearful moment, to be sure.

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