Gone: UK Culture Secretary quits

No tears will be shed for Maria Miller, who diddled her expenses and grudged her apology to Parliament. She was an arts agnostic who cared little for the vibrant and varied cultures she was supposed to promote and protect.

Report here.

maria miller

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  • I’ve seen pointed out elsewhere that the “culture” part of the DCMS portfolio is only applicable to England, not the UK. Is that correct?

    If so, who is responsible – or shall we say politically accountable – for the arts in Wales and Northern Ireland? A quick Google gives my Fiona Hyslop for Scotland.

    And who do you tip for Miller’s successor?

  • Sajid Javid is the new culture secretary. His background is in banking, so obviously an ideal candidate for culture. Just shows the high regard which the DCMS is held by Cameron.

  • Meanwhile, her replacement Sajid Javid is a former banker, who lists absolutely no cultural interests of any kind on his own website. Good pick there Mr Cameron.

    • Can we play Fantasy Cabinet for a moment then and ask – who would have been an ideal pick? Does anyone plausible have an interest in the arts? Particularly the type of arts that we Slipped Disc readers might share an interest in?

      (My fantasy Cabinet has no-one in it at all, but I suppose that’s cheating)

      I suppose Mr Javid must be a big football fan, if we equate the importance of a portfolio area to the level of interest the secretary of state has in it.

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