Baritone is in hospital after accident in Boheme

Baritone is in hospital after accident in Boheme


norman lebrecht

April 09, 2014

Peter McGillivray is undergoing surgery today after a freak accident during a performance of Boheme at Manitoba Opera. Here’s his account:

For the benefit of those in more easterly time zones, a short note to let you know that I’m in hospital in Winnipeg this morning awaiting orthopaedic surgery to reattach my tendon to my kneecap. It was…an eventful performance of La Boheme last night.

Standing on top of a table after beating Giles near senseless with a baguette, I stepped down onto a rickety chair which promptly shattered and I fell with my full weight on my knee. Helped off the stage by our lovely ASM, Kathryn, my dazzling colleagues were still able to finish the show with poise & inspired improvisation.

Thanks to everyone at Manitoba Opera for taking care of me both before and after getting to hospital. Now I’m on standby for surgery, and am hoping to walk out of here later today if all goes well. Please send good thoughts, prayers & whisky (clear fluids, amiright?)

peter mcgillivray



  • This poses more questions than answers. Why wasn’t the danger noted — and fixed — in rehearsal?