Another NY cultural hangout shutters up

Brian Wise reports that Klavierhaus has gone. Yet another victim of midtown developer greed.

Brian notes: The transaction is the latest in a series of moves that signal the downsizing of the midtown piano retail district, which sits between Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and for decades has drawn piano buyers from around the world. 

Sic transit….



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  • I believe they have moved, not “gone”

    Klavierhaus Atelier

    549 west 52nd street New York, NY 10019

    (212) 245-4535

  • Thankfully, Klavierhaus is still around, presently in a temporary, but larger location in NYC at 52nd and 11th Ave., and, at least according to the WQXR report last month, is not going out of business.

  • The dealership is being replaced by another one, and is moving, not closing. Apparently it did its trade chiefly by appointment. What seems to be lamented here is that because a few profile pianists dropped in occasionally and played, a business doing virtually no passing trade — in rent-heavy Manhattan — should be untouchable., Would be nice, but even the music business has to be practical occasionally.

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