Who’s this roaring to Minnesota’s rescue?

osmo vanska motorbike

The picture popped up this weekend on the Minnesota musicians’ facebook page. Do they know something we don’t?

On Friday the board met to decide whether to fire Michael Henson and/or rehire Osmo Vänskä. The two options are mutually exclusive. A decision appears to have been taken but nothing has yet been announced.

This picture may be the first harbinger of Minnesota spring.

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    • It is indeed a relief that he still does live in MN.

      If MOA has any sense at all, and has a good PR firm, they will be making sure not only to bring Mr. Vanska back, but to do so with as much drama and panoply as possible. They will, however, probably have to dispense with a public execution of Mr. Henson, and instead leave that to be handled in as tactful a manner as possible, while creating the impression that they have, in fact, finally thrown him to the wolves. :-0

  • I like very much that he rides a motorcycle.

    Nothing like listening to a symphony on a bike, especially if you’ve conducted it.

    Pretty invigorating actually.

  • I’m delighted to see that he rides, although I would have pegged him for a BMW or maybe Moto Guzzi rider.

    Hmmm, this summer’s BMWMOA international rally will be in St. Paul, MN. Could there be some synergies?

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