Ukraine cancels Putin pianist’s recital

Russian sources are reporting that the National Opera of the Ukraine has cancelled a March 27 recital by Denis Matsuev because he has expressed support for President Putin’s actions. Last night, the conservatory in Lviv dropped Yuri Bashmet from its honours board for the same reason.

It’s getting nasty out there.


matsuev gergiev

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  • Good. “Oh your like assisting with taking over our country but why not pull up a chair to play piano ….”

    Ukraine standing up for their own. Awesome

  • Just exactly what did Matsuev and Bashmet expect, an awards ceremony in Kiev? I hope that Ukrainians picket wherever these guys play. Matsuev must be a rather dim to be surprised. His letter is pathetic. Bashmet is a surprise. He spent years in Lviv and must know first hand the Ukrainian antipathy towards Moscow.

  • Getting nasty in Ukraine ? or in Russia ? Russia might occupy your country as well , if some Russians are “not happy” there!

    Bashmet is just scared , as many others….Very sad, especially when people don’t understand what’s going on there.

  • I never heard of western countries telling Oistrach or Gilels 60 years ago: “You are not welcome in this country unless you boycott that bloody monster Stalin….

  • At least yesteryear dictators had great musicians to be symbols of Soviet prowess. They used to say that Hitler has his Goebbels and Stalin has his Gilels. We have still got good dictators. But is Matsuev really the best we can do as the dictator’s pianist:)?

  • On the other hand, lets see how many will now become “world stars” for signing against Putin (and Gergiev!) – Seems like things are turning the other way around! 🙂

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