Two Dutch boys lose their pants on DG

Two Dutch boys lose their pants on DG


norman lebrecht

March 30, 2014

lucas and arthur

Lucas and Arthur Jussen are the label’s latest novelty act.

lucas and arthur

Lucas studied with Menahem Pressler for two years and is now with Dmitri Bashkirov in Madrid. Arthur, in his final year of secondary school, studies with Jan Wijn.


  • Donald Wright says:

    Is it perhaps a coincidence that this is the same record label for whom a certain habitually half-dressed female piano superstar records? I suspect not. No doubt the executives were motivated by the old adage, “what’s good for the goose …”

  • I wonder if they got the idea from a Russian movie made in 1993: “Window to Paris” (Окно в Париж)? The main character, who is a music teacher and an accomplished pianist in St. Petersburg, gets stuck in Paris after going through a space warp in the flat of a Babushka who recently passed away. The wardrobe has a secret window, discovered by watching a cat which disappears now and then, which can transport a person directly from St. Petersburg to Paris and back. However, the window closes at certain times according to some mystic astrological schedule.

    Being stuck in Paris and out of a job, he auditions for a private orchestra. He wins the audition, but when he arrives at the evening’s performance of a piano concerto, he realizes that he must perform in tails but without his pants. The conductor and the orchestra are in similar stages of partial nudity. He becomes outraged at the “typical” decadence attributed to Paris and things French in general and refuses to play.

    It’s a very funny movie, done shortly after the collapse of the Communist regime, and there are no holds barred as to social and political satire. Some will find it silly, but if you liked any of Louis de Funès movies, for example, you’ll like this one as well.

  • Darren says:

    Well, at least DG is now undressing young boys as well and not just young girls. So much for equal opportunity employing!

    The sample of the recording shows nice recording quality, even if with a bit of too much echo, but that’s a matter of personal taste. Not sure that recording French music hits the bulls eye for two young Dutch boys….their Ravel just sounds like weird Haydn.

  • Sofia says:

    Man, classical music is really trying everything! This will not prompt me to listen though.

  • David Boxwell says:

    Well, the Labeque Sisters have always kept their pants on, and play this repertoire infinitely better.

  • James Forrest says:

    I agree with Darren’s comment viz. the sonics as presented here. As to these lads’ interpretative skills, one might say (as we used to here in the States): Not Quite Ready for Prime Time. Is DG doing them any real service?

  • Paul Sullivan says:

    Well, I guess guys can show off their gams too.

  • Eleanor says:

    This is, yet again, a feeble attempt by a dying and iconic label to try to save itself. They only know cheap marketing tricks in order to “sell” their wares. I gave up on them long ago, as I can never be sure that what they are offering is really of high quality, or rather a cheap marketing ploy, of which I don’t want to be a victim. I used to buy a DG recording because it was the guaranty of quality and if DG chose to record it, it must be good. Not anymore! They have sold out their soul and made a pact with the Devil and I’m afraid that the Devil is going to win.