The worst known case of composer’s block

My Album of the Week on is a set of piano concertos by a composer who seemed to have everything going for him until he got a Royal appointment … and practically stopped composing. There have been few chances untiol now to hear his music on record. Click here to find out more.

composer wigs

(hint: none of the above)

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  • Not sure what you count as modern times, but Sibelius, Puccini and Harold Shapero all had serious writer’s block. From what you say, you would not think much of any of the neoclassical composers inspired by Stravinsky whom I write about in my book, Neoclassical Music in America, forthcoming in July from Rowman & Littlefield, who strove to write music much the way you describe Williamson’s, except for the “depressingly” part.: “He took his language from middle-period Stravinsky with occasional nods to Boulez as if to show he knew what was going on around him. His music was tuneful, well-made and warmhearted….Themes are evenly paced, the dynamics are depressingly constant and mood contrasts few and far between. I really must get this recording!

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