So how was the Met’s luxury deputy in Wozzeck? First review here

So how was the Met’s luxury deputy in Wozzeck? First review here


norman lebrecht

March 07, 2014

When Thomas Hampson fell sick hours before the show, there was a momentary wobble. Then the Met called in superhero Matthias Goerne, who had sung a Schubert recital at Carnegie Hall the night before and Wozzeck with the Vienna Phil a week before. With no more than a glimpse of the general rehearsal and a quick fitting, Goerne  went on that vast stage and sang Wozzeck.


goerne dressing



How was it? A hint: Placido Domingo leaped to his feet applauding at the curtain. Our New York operavores Elizabeth Frayer and Shawn E Milnes were there. Click here for their rapid review.

Sample:  I found Matthias Goerne’s performance to be harrowing.  His Wozzeck was both terrifying and pathetic yet sympathetic.  A disturbing yet appropriate combination.  His barreling physicality lent a man-child aspect to the performance that only deepened my compassion for him, even as it repulsed me.



  • Judge Mary Bacon says:

    “Why Mahler” changed my life, for the better. Thank you.

  • David Boxwell says:

    I was there. Goerne was just stupendous. A perfect match, visually and vocally, of performer and role. And it was Levine’s 44th “Wozzeck”. And that is also amazing.