Priority parking for musicians?

Priority parking for musicians?


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2014

If Toronto can do it, why can’t your town? Clownish mayor Rob Ford was quoted as saying: ‘We are moving quickly to create jobs and economic development by supporting Toronto’s internationally respected music industry.’

Read Michael Vincent’s report here.

priority parking for musicians



  • Well, technically, that’s priority “loading/unloading”, and not priority parking, but it’s a good idea.

  • We’re very excited to have the four signs up in Seattle. Sadly the press keep forgetting to mention the it was the musicians of Fair Trade Music Seattle and the Musicians’ Association of Seattle, Local 76-493, American Federation of Musicians that brought this need to the attention of the City of Seattle. Our musicians and officers have been working with the City of Seattle and SDOT for the last year to help make this happen. The tickets musicians were issued for taking too long in the old loading zones were costing more than their income for that evening. This is a great step forward by the City of Seattle and we hope more cities are able to follow our lead.