Philip Pickett’s trial is postponed so he can finish tours

The early music pioneer is facing trial at the Old Bailey on charges of three rapes and eight indecent assaults, dating more than 20 years back.

A judge has agreed to defer the trial date to early 2015, when the diary is less busy.

His counsel said: ‘My client is a world famous musician and therefore earns his living on a job to job basis and has tours across the globe throughout the autumn – but the season slows down in the new year.’

philip pickett

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  • I would have thought the UK was filled with music professionals who could replace him in a situation like this.

  • So, it you are not ‘famous’ or ‘busy’, then you cannot expect to have the full weight of the law thrown at you without sentiment or favour? Had never heard of him anyway, but have now.

  • According to the article, there was supposed to be a preliminary hearing last June, and the postponed trial was to begin January 5th. It’s now January 31st, and I haven’t seen any further news stories about this case. Has it been proceeding, or is there yet another delay?

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