Palm Beach Opera regrets its tenor is ‘unable to perform the services required’

Palm Beach Opera regrets its tenor is ‘unable to perform the services required’


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2014

Tales of Hoffmann went ahead without Giuseppe Filianoti for the above unusual, cryptic reason. Do they mean he can’t sing the role? Or passed his sell-by?

Either way, the stand-in tenor was a flop and the production staggered. David Fleshler was there for SFCR. Read his review here.

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  • If it were Richard Tucker, the headline would make sense.

  • Hoffmann’s a dreadful role and Filianoti should never have put it in his repertoire. Faust is his limit in French rep and that can still be borderline. He needs to revive his Ottavio and get back to some basics. He’s a good singer but I feel he’s made some questionable decisions in recent years.

  • Doug says:

    Mr. Filianoti had a serious medical crisis in recent years and it would probably be wise not to be too critical of him! I believe Hoffmann can be a brutal role for the tenor! It is better not to attempt to do it, especially when a professional opera singer realizes it would be detrimental to perform the role! Mr. Filianoti is a wonderful, multitalented artist and I wish him the best!

    • franklin says:

      Relax, the headline was a commentary on the strange wording of the press release not an attack on the tenor. Seriously, people, must you all be such knee-jerk reactionaries devoid of any and all shadings of wit? We expected more from the classical crowd.

  • Tim says:

    I was involved in these performances and was there for Filianoti’s sitzprobe with the orchestra. It wasn’t pretty. Having never heard his voice before, I didn’t know what the story was, as Palm Beach Opera is very consistent with their casting. Bengochea didn’t sound good either, especially in comparison with the other outstanding cast members. I do find, however, that Fleshler’s review is simply too negative (as usual). Fleshler should remember that his reviews linger in the internet wasteland forever, and that it is possible to be critical and honest without being damaging.

  • Mitt Clinton says:

    They allowed a Salome to go one with Erika Sunnegardh singing three performaces in less than 72 hours recently, byt he last one, she was barely able to whisper her way through it after not being in good voice for the first. They had flown in a fine Salome who had sung it at San Francisco as an emergency backup, but Sunnegardh refused to budge (take the money and run?). Perhaps the learned the lesson the hard way after that debacle.

    • Doug says:

      It seems like sometimes egos can get in the way of a singer not doing what’s best for them and their voices/reputation! To me, Salome doesn’t seem to be the best fit for Erica Sunnegarth’s voice! I can see why she was running out of voice. Just my opinion! Ms. Sunnegarth’s Leonore in Fidelio was good!

    • Doug says:

      By the way, I gather that Lise Lidstrom was the backup Salome-she has a wonderful, large voice and can sing through the hurdles of Salome! I once saw her in person as Turandot and she blew everybody away!