Network TV series opens with a cellist pick-up

Network TV series opens with a cellist pick-up


norman lebrecht

March 07, 2014



leslie bibb celloAnyone watch About A Boy on NBC?

Here’s how it begins, according to Slipped Disc reader, Peter Brown:

The first episode started with the main character seeing a cellist (very cute Leslie Bibb) getting her instrument out her car. He says “Chello” to her and says he’s a big lover of the instrument. To prove this as she doesn’t seem interested, he says his favorite cello works are the Kabalevsky no. 2 in “G major” (he says), the D’Albert in C major, and the Dvorak (to which she says pointlessly “in B minor”). This is all within the first minute of the show, and I had to check the D’Albert just to see if it was real!

leslie bibb cello 2


  • Peter Young says:

    Not totally pointlessly, maybe she knows Dvorak wrote an earlier cello concerto in A major although he didn’t get to orchestrate it…

  • Alan M says:

    D’Albert was born 82 years ago last week.

    What an informed way to begin anything on TV nowadays.