Musician is executed for murdering studio manager

Musician is executed for murdering studio manager


norman lebrecht

March 20, 2014

There was no mitigating factor. Story here.


  • Greg Hlatky says:

    “David Alejandro owned and operated a music recording studio where musicians could have their music professionally recorded for a fee. This business required the use of various pieces of electronic equipment such as computers, soundboards and microphones. Appellant and some of his friends frequently recorded their rap music at the studio. At some point, appellant decided to steal Alejandro’s equipment in order to make money from its sale. Aware that Alejandro would be able to identify him, appellant also decided to kill Alejandro so that there would be no witnesses. He enlisted the help of two friends to assist in removing the heavy equipment from the studio.

    “On November 21, 1998, appellant purchased large bags from an Academy store. A week later, he and his accomplices drove two vans to Alejandro’s studio. Appellant and one accomplice carried concealed knives. The three had made an appointment at the studio and spent about two hours there while Alejandro recorded their music before they decided it was time to kill him. Appellant slashed Alejandro’s throat from ear to ear, but did not kill him. Appellant and one accomplice continued to attack Alejandro until he died as a result of multiple stab wounds to his chest and abdomen. Appellant covered the body with a sheet taken earlier from appellant’s bed, and the group began loading equipment into the vans. Appellant fled on foot when an off-duty police officer arrived to investigate the scene, but was apprehended days later outside his home.

    “On December 2, 1998, appellant confessed to police that he had planned the crime and recruited two accomplices. His confession describes events in detail that were later corroborated by appellant’s girlfriend, Christina Breton, police officers, security guards, and physical evidence discovered by investigators. Breton testified that several days before the commission of the crime, appellant had told her about his plan to steal Alejandro’s equipment and kill him…

    “The facts of this crime were brutal and demonstrated calculated deliberation. Appellant planned well in advance the stabbing murder of someone he would later describe as “one of the nicest people [he] ever met in [his] life.” He allowed Alejandro to assist him with recording for two hours, knowing he was about to kill him. As Alejandro sat unaware at the soundboard mixing a track for appellant, appellant pulled his head back and, taking a kitchen knife from his jacket, slit his throat from ear to ear. When that wound did not kill him, one of appellant’s accomplices joined the attack until Alejandro was dead. Alejandro suffered twenty-five stab wounds. Appellant quickly loaded equipment into the vans and instructed one stunned accomplice to hurry up and help.”

    Opinion of the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas, Jasper v. Texas