Jonas Kaufmann: We cancel less than footballers

The German tenor has defended opera singers from charges that they go down too easily.

‘It always puzzles me why a singer’s decision to cancel due to illness is not respected,’ he tells DPA. ‘If a footballer tears a muscle, he is not expected to pump himself full of drugs so that he can hobble around on the field.’

kaufmann werther

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  • True enough, but if a soccer star is out of commission, there are 21 other compelling performers to watch for the price of admission.

  • As a singer, I fully understand the need to cancel when sick. When a singer has a sore throat and/or inflammation, sometimes it would be the worst thing to sing a performance! Our vocal instrument can be very fragile at times. Athletes need their bodies to be in great shape to work for them; likewise, singers need to be in good physical shape in order to perform their art!

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