Iola Brubeck, Dave’s wife and manager, has died

They were married for 70 years and had six kids (one more than Take Five). Dave died in December 2012, aged 92. Iola lived to 90.

Obituary here.

Brubeck - with Iola 1942

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  • Dave died in December 2012 aged 91, one day short of his 92nd birthday. Iola acted as a manager-like figure in the very early days of his career, but that role was quickly taken by professional managers when the quartet became successful – Joe Glaser during the era of the classic quartet and more latterly Brubeck was managed by Russell Gloyd.

  • Shortly before his death, I interviewed Dave Brubeck for over an hour during a vacation he was taking in Florida. His lucidity and ability as a raconteur were beyond belief — the story about the phone call from Stravinsky is still one of the best — and, in the course of that interview, it was as if he was taking me on as one of his students; he taught so much about his experiences across eight decades of musicianship with genuine affection for music of all types and for his contemporaries. Iola was not the subject of the interview, but her presence to me, as a stranger, was completely supportive, good-humoured and informative. This was a very happy occasion, and I am sorry there are to be no more. May Iola and Dave rest in peace.

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