Update: Anna Netrebko’s in a relationship

Update: Anna Netrebko’s in a relationship


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2014

Our social secretary reports that Ms Anna Netrebko is engaged to be married to the tenor Yusif Eyvazov.

It is four months since she announced her separation from the baritone, Erwin Schrott.

Her fiancé is Baku born and based in Milan. His career peaks so far are Duke ( Rigoletto) at the Teatro Verdi in Milan and a 2010 Cavaradossi (Tosca) at the Bolshoi. Our social secretary says he has not yet crossed her party radar. He is singing opposite Anna in Rome’s Manon Lescaut.

netrebko engaged

Mr Eyvazov is the one who announced the engagement on Facebook. Ms Netrebko has yet to confirm.


UPDATE:  Sources close to Ms Netrebko say that they are not exactly engaged, more ‘in a relationship’ (apparently Facebook makes no distinction between the two statuses in Italian). The sources say Ms Netrebko asks for her privacy to be respected. We respect it.


  • Dr Solomon says:

    That will give her an opportunity no doubt to cancel some more performances!!

    • G Ell says:

      If she were smart (which she is not) she would hook up with someone better known and established, to better subsidize her income and lifestyle, now that the voice is in evident decline. Unless Putin is funneling cash under the table or bed or pillow, whichever may be the case.

      • Marianne says:

        I don’t think her voice is in decline. She just received rave reviews for her performance of Manon in Rome.

      • Petros Linardos says:

        If she were smart, she would hook up with someone who is a good match for her. That’s what life should be about.

  • Marianne says:

    Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott were not legally married so there won’t be any divorce. I think Yusif Eyvazov also just recently got separated or divorced from his wife.

  • Medi says:

    Heard them together in Manon Lescaut in Rome – SHE was great and he was boowed….He is tall (for a tenor) that`s all….

  • BELLKANTOH says:

    Her first and only love….

    The camera lens.

  • Guy Chapman says:

    Well who is surprised by this? Life imitates art: the tenor *always* gets the girl!

  • Hasbeen says:

    Why the mean spirited comments. She is a wonderful artist and we wish her happiness.

  • David Boxwell says:

    I have respected her privacy so much I have googled her new BF to see if he has any shirtless pics. I have also googled imaged her to see if she has a baby bump. I respect her privacy, just as she requested.

  • Gaulimauli says:

    From a humble youth to stardom, she remains unpretentious and a terrific performer. Most of the critics of her seem to be made up of Putin haters, demanding that she join their crowd. Leave her in peace and let her enjoy a little happiness.

  • janey says:

    She is a very public person. She flaunted her previous relationship. She widely discussed the situation with her son. She invites reporters into her home(s). She posts pictures on her own balcony in a bathing suit.

    Now, she asks for privacy?

  • Jessica says:

    Sa far sa i know fidanzato in Italian means simply in a relationship. Facebook translates that into engaged .this means its simply an error of translation. Being in a relationship does not mean being engaged.

  • Jessica says:

    I meant :as far as I know …sorry for the autospellig

  • G Ell says:

    Please don’t accuse me of not warning you in advance. Here I go:

    In my sole opinion, Netrebko is all about capitalizing on offensive, outmoded, sexist, and mysogynistic notions of womanhood: The female and, in her case, the female opera singer as dumb and insubstantial harlot. No different from the Katherine Jenkins Barbie Doll persona. Why do we promote and tolerate this? Why do we decry, in contrast, the lack of female musicians at the Vienna Philharmonic, for example?

  • m2n2k says:

    Yes, she definitely does like the spotlight and that makes her requests for privacy sound at least a little bit unconvincing. On the other hand she still is a wonderful artist who works at her kraft a lot and has become one of today’s premier operatic sopranos. Let’s try to be fair by admitting one truth without denying the other.

  • Charles Fischbein says:

    False rumors about Ms. Netrebko, and President Putin aside, I believe most people of good will would applaud an artist rising from cleaning theatre floors to taking a bow in that same theater to the applause of thousands of opera lovers.
    Regarding Ms. Netrebko’s cancellations I would expect an artist of her standing to cancel if she cannot give her best performance on a given night. Rather than hear a General Manager stand onstage and say, “Ms. Netrebko is not feeling well tonight, however she will perform, but asks your understanding”, I would rather hear a cover in full voice than a diva with a cough.
    We should also remember that President Putin applauds operatic performances while Russia spends a great deal of money for both national and regional opera companies. We do not see Russian opera companies closing one by one like in the United States.
    I have spent the past forty years flying the world attending opera performances in Europe and Russia,( the former Soviet Union) and I can assure you that the health of opera in Russia is far better re audience attendance than in the United States.