Flute sales go viral thanks to Brazil soap

Flute sales go viral thanks to Brazil soap


norman lebrecht

March 06, 2014

flute brazil

A popular character in a Brazilian TV soap opera has boosted sales of the instrument this year by up to 1,000 percent, it is reported.


  • Great! .

    When I started to learn to play the oboe, the flute was the best thing since sliced bread due to the James Galway effect. It was a five minute wonder. There were some that persisted, some event turned into decent flautists.

    I like the flute. My eldest is learning it. However learning a musical instrument is a marathon not a sprint.

    As a singing teacher I have enough problems myself dealing with the “X Factor” and “Britain’s got Talent” effect. I really do not want my poor flute teaching colleagues going through the same thing too.

  • RalphW says:

    What if he played the Tuba?

  • Peter Moody says:

    Indeed! I well remember the “Galway Effect” which raised the popularity of the flute to where it is now. Unfortunately there seems to be a popular belief that the flute is “an easy instrument”. It is of course; its easy to play badly, difficult to play well.

  • ed says:

    I thought the most popular instrument on those soaps was the bonaphone- you know, with those increased sales of viagra and its generic equivalents, lots more sex change operations- and with infinite variations, no less (that’s the beauty of choice in a free market economy and democratic society), playtime on the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, where what you see, and sometimes don’t see (especially as you age) is what you get….and the like. Simply stated sex sells, but maybe the flute is a sublimated symbol of it.

  • robcat2075 says:


    And I mean that sincerely, not ironically.

    One of the reasons classical music and instruments are in decline is all the pretentious sniffing and pouting, in evidence above, when something happens to break out and catch the general public’s attention. Why would the general public want to take up something that may be difficult when the reception they get for their initial interest is so negative and condescending?

    And it’s a man who is the flute role model? Also good. We could use that in the USA

    Some people may try the flute and find out it’s not easy? That is fine also. The ones who succeed will be admired all the more by those who dared to try it. No lives lost.

    I salute them all for trying something besides the electric guitar and I salute this TV program for letting them know that there are other ways to make music.