Farewell to a Philadelphia veteran of 50 seasons

Farewell to a Philadelphia veteran of 50 seasons


norman lebrecht

March 18, 2014

Leonard Bogdanoff, born and raised in Philly, got his first job after the army as assistant principal viola in the New Orleans Symphony in 1955. But he barely made it to the end of the season before Eugene Ormandy’s people came calling his name. Leonard, who retired from the Philadelphia Orchestra in 2005, has died in Philadelphia, aged 83.


He joins the all-time list of longest serving orchestral players.


  • Greg Bottini says:

    Joe Sinai! Paul Renzi! As a long-time resident of The City and a huge fan of the San Francisco Symphony, those are names to conjure with.

    A few more SFS names for you locals to remember: Asbjorn Finess. Verne Sellin. The wonderful, beautiful, and sadly missed Peggy Cunningham Lucchesi. Phil Karp and S. Charles Siani. Marc Lifschey. Judiyaba. Bill Bennett, bless his memory. Phil Fath and Don Carroll. Ray Duste. Charlie Bubb and Eddie Haug. Ernest Michaelian and Zaven Melikian.

    We have always had great players in The City by the Bay!

    And the tradition, happily, continues…..